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Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
I love the idea of a hand tool only Shop! And your seat top will match the bench? How cool is that???

Very nifty!

Enjoy it

Thanks Paul, A hand tool only shop offers many opportunities for me to improve both the accuracy and quality of my work buiding guitars. It also improves the environment in which I do the building. It's healthier and more conducive to creativity.

Originally Posted by Erithon View Post
Honestly terrifying, Mark. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

Thanks for sharing your bench. I love reading about your iterative shop. I'm looking forward to seeing how the stool turns out under finish.
Thanks Erithon! I do try to keep things changing. I learn more and am more inspired that way.

Originally Posted by Carpinteria View Post
Great improvements to the shop, Mark, increasing both safety and functionality at the same time. I put a removable tool tray on the back of my bench and am happy with it for the same reasons. The seat should look super with the walnut splines! Thanks for sharing! Dave
Thanks Carpinteria, While it is an improvement both for safety and functionality I'll admit that it was the cool look of the swing away stool that first caught my eye!

Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Guess I wouldn't recognize the place (on the inside). That is an awesome seat Mark. Cool stuff!
Thanks cigarfan! There are a bunch of changes but I think you'd still recognize the overall layout.

Well the glue dried and I cleaned up the Euro Beech seat this morning:

Here it is with the first Linseed oil coat drying:

So I'm all set for the base to come this week and I'll get this all set up!

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