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As a former graphic artist and a sometime tinkerer on luthery with aging eyes I'd suggest that you keep it simple and not fall into the trap of going overly extravagant. I'm a firm proponent of "keeping it simple" and focusing on contrasts over ornamentation.

FWIW my long time albatros of a build is Carpathian spruce over East Indian rosewood. I opted to go with flamed maple binding but if I had to do it all over again I think I would have gone with plain maple because you can't really tell at a distance and the stuff tends to split. In contrast, my first was cedar over mahogany and I chose to go with rosewood binding to accent it.

As for the rosette, while I like the mozaic look it's a bit "busy" IMO. I find that I like radial rosettes and just a simple ring of zipflex:

Radial rosettes are still a lot of work though:

As for the headstock, again I like the wood to "be the bling"

though I do think that tuners make the headstock:

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