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Originally Posted by mad5427 View Post
I have taken all this into account. I sent him a bunch of images and talked about why I liked a few images of bindings. I did the same for the rosette so he could get a sense of the aesthetic that I like.

I appreciate the comment about the rosette being the luthier's domain and ability to show their style, etc. He now knows what I like and I'll let him take it from here.


Your rosette page was really helpful. There are more than a handful that are exactly what I hope to get. There are others that are more complex than what I gravitate toward but are so extremely beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

I bought a used guitar through a lefty forum some years ago and it turned out to be a prototype that this guy built for a model he was working on. It has no fancy details but sounded incredible. Unfortunately, the shape, size, fretboard width, etc. just wasn't perfect for me. But man, I loved the sound that came out of the instrument. I was thankfully in a position to sell that one to somebody I hope it is perfect for and commission him to build one that is perfect for me. I know it will sound good, the rest is just going to be the fun aesthetic choices.

Thanks again everybody. This is a lot of fun.
Now we're all looking forward to you posting a few photos as the build progresses.....
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