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Originally Posted by jaymarsch View Post
Not to derail the thread, but as alohahris mentioned the history of the rosette, I am curious if the rosette still has any function other than aesthetic at this point in the evolution of guitar construction. I had read that some luthiers feel that it plays a role in the vibration of the top and the air moving out of the sound hole and other's think it detracts. Do you have an opinion, Tim, based on your experience?


Hi Jane,

Thats a great question although I’ve not seen any tests or evidence of the rosette contributing to the tonal signature, it certainly is possible. John Greven used to say anything south of the X intersection contributes to tone and anything north supports structure and prevents the top from folding itself into the sound hole.

I do believe the rosette helps to seal the open end grain around the soundhole edges. Quartersawn wood exchanges moisture with the atmosphere through its end grain. The top and back’s perimeter binding and the top’s rosette help to seal those end grain exposure surfaces.

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