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Originally Posted by BrianM99 View Post
I love all of your updates on my Woodsman Mark. It's looking great and I'm getting more excited the nearer it comes to completion. Like I said before, this model just exudes "old tone".
It's coming together nicely. The traditional unbleached shellac technique I use helps me get to the unfettered tone of vintage guitars. It also adds to that old look.

Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
Hi Mark, how many of those coats or layers are applied ? Is that the same for each wood or does it differ ?

I do French polish a couple of ways. With the Woodsman I try to keep it to how it was more commonly done in the 1800s. There are a couple coats of egg used as a binder and sealer and then I apply the the shellac. It goes on heavier than more contemporary techniques as I am not using any oil in this process. I am sealing the pores but am not attempting to fill them so there are only about 18 coats or so.

With regular French polish using bleached shellac and oil the coats go on much thinner and are pretty much burnishing in. I do probably 70 micro coats or so.

Here are some progress pictures of the Woodsman:

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