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Originally Posted by jmat View Post
Take care on that bike Bruce. I have seen your road bike, it looks fast and fun. Perhaps augment with a super stable cargo type, less face plant-able bike ?

Lots of examples, for example:

If bikes were Sexauer guitars this is the "Sexauer" version:

The new disc brakes are a revelation. Also there is a different physical relation with the bike leading to more control. You have half a chance with potholes and, with wider tires, many general road obstacles becomes no big deal. These bikes don't go that fast but you already got that covered. Plus they carry stuff and better that the bike is the workhorse than you.

But maybe you weren't looking for advice on how to spend your money...

Be well, keep rolling!
Well . . . I actually have several bicycles, but when I want to carry cargo (ship a guitar) I usually turn to my smallish SUV.

The crashed bike, A carbon fiber Specialized Diverge which needs about $800 in parts to repair, is a Gravel bike. The is a sort of road bike which has a relaxed geometry and is able to carry about twice the rubber of a road racer. As it happens, I am having a new bicycle made for me as we speak. It was ordered a couple of months ago. It is being made by Brad Bingham, who has won awards 7 years in a row from the Hand Made Bicycle Show as best Titanium welder in existence. I think of him as me, but making bicycles instead of guitars. . . not that I have won similar awards.

The new bike is called a “Built”, and is also a Gravel Bike. It will weigh about the same as my carbon bike, but be much stronger. Mostly, however, it will be more fun to ride. That’s because carbon is light and efficient, but has a dead feeling on the road. Titanium, on the other hand, requires great skill in construction to be similarly light and efficient, but has a quality in the ride which is springy and resilient: FUN!!!

This is not unlike much of the argument for owning my guitars as opposed to most others, and since I spend a lot of my quality time riding my bike, why not have the best?
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