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Originally Posted by blindboyjimi View Post
Nick has to be on a least #700 or so guitars? My 1980 is in the low 200’s, my 1989 in the mid 400’s and my former 2007 was in the 570’s. I’d love to know the proportions. I see about 90% OMs and 10% Jumbos and the rare dreadnaught. I think I’ve seen only 2 dreads. One was a hand rubbed sunburst 12 fret that was at Healdsburg about 8-9 years ago and written about by John Thomas in the FBJ. It popped up for sale about 5 years ago at Luthier’s Collection.
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I should have jumped on it and there was another that required a lot of repair to bring back and someone here on AGF spent a lot to get it right, but it appeared well worth it. I don’t recall ever seeing an 0/00/Slope shoulder/J-185 or any other shapes. I play alone in my home and don’t need the volume of a Jumbo or Dreadnaught. I’ve had a Stefan Grossman HJ-38 which is Martin speak for a dreadnaught depth 16” 0000 and 2 Goodall Concert Jumbos which we’re also 16” but more like OM depth ala Martin’s 0000 or M shape. If I’m correct the Franklin Jumbo is 17” but it appears to be only 3 3/4” or 4” at the heel. The bass on the Jumbos is addicting. I found the HJ just too boomy with the deep body and regrettingly moved it on. The Goodalls were also wonderful, but my Franklins just got more play. They are gone as well.

Has Nick ever made an OM shaped 16”? Gibson has the J-185, Martin has the M, Bourgeois the JOM, SCGC the OM Grand, and Goodall the Concert Jumbo. I’d jump at a tight waisted Franklin 16” OM shaped guitar. I’d call that the “Goldilocks”....just right. I haven’t played a Jumbo in a long time, but this thread is causing an itch.
The Dread that Nick showed at Healdsburg is actually mine now, I bought it directly from Nick a couple of years ago. It's the Dread prototype; Adi/figured Mahogany. It's a truly stellar guitar (I've previously posted about it here:
And when Nick finishes my Jumbo it will be number 700! I don't know the breakdown, but I assume that Nick has built more OM's than either of his other two models, with the smallest number being his Dreadnaughts. Speaking of Dreadnaughts, he also built a few Martin inspired Dreads back in the late 70's or 80s, but doesn't currently offer that shape. The 12 Fret Dread is 16" at the lower bout and 4 3/4 at the heel, while the Jumbo is 16 3/4 at the lower bout, but -- as you say -- around 4" at the heel.

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