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Originally Posted by soma5 View Post
Nick has clearly thought a great deal about bracing and how it affects tone, and how to achieve the tone he intends to achieve. I have a Franklin OM that has a particularly singing quality to the tone and I believe that he built it with just that tone in mind. He is a master. He and I discussed this guitar over email earlier this year. He is also a very pleasant man.

I would love to have another Franklin guitar - you are inspiring me with your build story!
I agree! After 49 years of building guitars, Nick has a real grasp of the nuances of guitar voicing. Other than telling Nick that I love the sound of his Dread, and discussing how various woods affect the tone, I left the final decision in his hands. Obviously the different body shape and the different tone woods will result in a sound that will not be exactly that of the Dread, but fundamentally it will have the "Franklin" sound.
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