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Hi everyone,

Despite the current circumstances, Tom has been working really hard. I am impressed by Tom's passion and commitment, and more broadly the work ethics shared by most luthiers. They are clearly not counting the hours...

You might have seen from previous threads that Tom and Daisy make outstanding build pictures, and they should start coming next week. But I can't resist sharing a few phone shots he sent over the past few days.

First, the back. Straight grained, nice grain, and some interesting color shading. Looks a lot like a great rosewood, which floats my boat. I like the understated elegance.

Then a quick shot of the sides. Interestingly, a lot more is going on. I personally like the dark veins and the continuous sapwood going all around the rim. I think it will make a nice transition to the spruce top.

And finally the top with the rosette. Tom works a lot with copper, and here you can see his patinated design. I read the copper is immersed with chemical products for a few days before getting to this dramatic coloring. This will be the main decorative element of the build, with a matching inlay in the headstock (which has maybe become Tom's most recognizable feature).
I am really happy about the result, and the color scheme match the whole package quite nicely. While the hints of red really stands out, the brown/gold colors should work really well with he stripped ebony bridge, fingerboard and headplate.
BS TS.jpg

Quick sanity check, is it normal to go back to look at the pictures every hour? How bad am I doing Doc?

Enough ranting for now, I will share more photos as they come in.

Until next time,

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