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Originally Posted by nobo View Post
Hi Tom,

Congratulations! This is shaping up to be a fabulous build, which I look forward to following. I know it's been in the offing for a little while now!

FWIW, my approach with custom builds has probably been the polar opposite to SteveHs, no doubt due to some unhealthy control-freakery on my part as to the aesthetics, since I usually have a clear vision of what I'm after in terms of the look of the instrument (within the scope of the builder's palette), and know what I'm not so keen on. Tom was very generous and gracious in being accommodating on that front. But tonally, beyond a few broad brush steers (e.g. I told Tom I preferred tasto sounds / neck pickups over bridges on electrics), there's little common language - and probably little sense - trying to be overly prescriptive. I guess it's more that you chose a builder your drawn to - in terms of their sound, their aesthetics, and your relationship with them - which is more the selection procedure. And you've - IHMO - selected well with Tom.

I'm still very much in the honeymoon phase, nearly a year on, with my Sands baritone, and looking forward to another from Tom at some point (happy to delay that gratification!).


Hello Dan!

It's great to hear from you, I think it's been over a year that we first connected through your thread. Glad to hear you're quite please with your barritone, and I would love to hear some recordings in due time!

I read somewhere that you are torn between the M and the S. No bad choice really... Wood wise, have you set your mind on a specific tonal direction?

Thanks for tagging along. I am happy to have another Sands alumni joining the party.

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