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Originally Posted by theEdwinson View Post
So, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, that ancient philosophical conundrum has long since been solved, at least to my satisfaction: The chicken and the egg BOTH came first. That's not a trick-answer, it's just how it is. In my opinion.

Not to denigrate the chicken community in any way, but I really don't care so much about where they came from, or when; what I'm really curious about is, what came first, the guitar, the guitarist? Both of them seem divinely inspired, and neither one can exist without the other. But which of them impelled the other to exist in the First Place?

So here we have Steve Kinnaird, posting a couple of videos that convince me, maybe the guitar AND the guitarist came first too. I mean, the guitars Steve makes are so good, so brilliant sounding, so beautiful to behold; Steve also plays them with verve, skill, style, and nuance, and not a small share of passion too. So I'm kind of in awe, because I myself have always tended to be either a player or a builder. One or the other thing is dominant at any given time. The other fades back into the background.

But Steve, you do both things equally well. Really well.

HOW do you find the time and energy to maintain your playing chops in such fine fettle, and yet still spend that massive amount of hours building these guitars that sound so brilliant, clear, and full of color and light? Do you ever sleep? I know, both of these endeavors require a lot of time and focused mental and physical energy.

So I'm guessing that you are just blessed with an extra measure of each...?

Whatever, Brother, just keep doing what you are doing. You are shiny good!
Wow. Steve, how do I answer this? To begin with, the chicken came first. But you know this.
Secondly, at least in this instance, the player came first, guitar second.
Thirdly, much energy is spared for other things when one has their own Ryan Middlebrook working in the shop. So time for practice is not an impossibility.
And fourthly, what a kind response, thank you good sir!
I can tell you were in honors English in high school. It's always exciting to see you take the proverbial pen in hand, and I'm humbled by the efusiveness of your good opinion.

Thank you!

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