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Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
I commented on this video in the B.I.G. thread, but it is worth repeating. I thank Steve and Ryan for letting me have a hand with the design of this guitar and I would like to claim a high level of guitar design intelligence, but how could I go wrong with a beautiful set of BRW like that and Italian Spruce top and of course they made the magic occur.

I just hope that someone sees this guitar and takes it home as it so deserves a home and Steve and Ryan deserve to be rewarded for this masterpiece. Heck, it is getting to where we can't do anything anyway, might as well liven up this stay home stuff with this guitar!!!
Thanks again, Tom! I can say, there are worse ways to suffer than with a new guitar. And who knows, maybe there can be some gov't assistance with the purchase. Or perhaps a doctor could prescribe guitar playing as remedial therapy while confined at home. Worth a shot?

Originally Posted by difalkner View Post
Beautiful guitar, Steve and Ryan, and wonderful playing! Well done, guys.

Many thanks, David!

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