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My friends and professors in the seismology field up there are both matter of fact about what WILL happen as well as fatalistic. There's not much you can do about it other than to take the drills seriously, while science continues investigating early warning clues.

City planners could do more about where and to what degree they allow building, but much of that is a matter of a horse that's already left the gate.

I have a large plastic container with our camping gear in it which doubles as earthquake emergency kit. I have an ax and pry bar in my closet in case of being stuck in the house or trying to into the attached garage to get to the earthquake kit. I have the same stuff in the trunk of my car.

But you can only do so much for what WILL happen. Part of it is a matter of it happening in our generation's lifetime or our kids or grandkids... All of which is an eyeblink in geological times, although it appears that some major faults are well overdue for stress relief.
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