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. Fortunately, I live out in the country, away from the big city, so hopefully the damage we experience out here will not be as bad. - Glenn
Glenn, I'm under the impression (probably mistaken) that a big concern for coastal residents in the PNW is not so much damage or injury from an earthquake itself, but from a possible resulting tsunami. Is that not so?
You are exactly right. For us out near the coast, a huge concern is a tsunami. So I should be more careful about how being out in the country might be less of a problem than being in a big city.

My home is well up one of the river valleys and on high ground, so I think it's unlikely that where I live will be affected by a tsunami. But down in Aberdeen, south of me by about 7 miles, they are right along the Chehalis River and Grays Harbor at essentially sea level. Those little towns near the water will be flooded for sure.

All the school kids (my grand children) drill for a tsunami -- where to go, where is the highest ground in the city, all that. I keep hoping it will be like our drills in the school hallways for a nuclear war when I was a kid. I just pretended it would never happen. I'm sure I am doing the same thing now.

So you are not mistaken at all.

- Glenn
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