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Default Build Thread: Tahoe Guitars Mahogany/Carpathian 000-12

Here is a build thread for my latest guitar being built by Larry Nair of Tahoe Guitar Co.. It is a 000-12 with figured old growth mahogany back and sides, and a Carpathian spruce top.

The plan was for this guitar to be started around the new year. So I was surprised when Larry called me and asked if, due to a gap in his build schedule, I would mind if he started my guitar early. I thought about it for a billionth of a second, then said " problemo."

My goal with this guitar is to have very traditional looking guitar: 000-12 slothead, herringbone rosette and top purfle, pyramid bridge. I am going with a slightly deeper body, modern nut and saddle width, and Martin long scale.

The Carpathian top (Old World Tonewood) was dubbed by Larry and I as "uber spruce"...very light, very stiff along and across the grain, with amazing tap tone.

The back/side set is old growth figured mahogany, called "Fallen Giant" by the folks at Hibdon Hardwood. It is from a large fallen log which was found on the forest floor.

The five-piece neck will be fiddleback mahogany, with walnut and curly maple lams, also from Hibdon.

I will update the thread with pictures as I am able. Enjoy!

Tahoe Guitar Co. 000-12

Top: Carpathian Spruce
Back/Sides: Old Growth Figured Mahogany
Neck: Five-Piece Fiddleback Mahogany/Walnut/Curly Maple/Walnut/Fiddleback Mahogany
Binding: Curly Bigleaf Maple
Top Purfle: Herringbone
Rosette: Herringbone
Backstrip: Chevron
Bridge: Ebony Pyramid
Headplate/Fretboard: Ebony
Saddle/Nut/Pins: Bone
Frets: Evo Gold
Tuners: Gotoh Open Back Slothead Gold w/Amber Buttons
Logo/12th Fret Marker: White Pearl

Nut: 1 3/4"
Saddle: 2 1/4"
Scale: 25.4"

The top and back being joined in a nail press.

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