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Originally Posted by Koamon View Post
Not with the Sunrise preamp, but before on-board guitar electronics became the technology, the dual source rage years before was the Fishman Blender, the Rane Electronics AP-13 (both which I still have and use) and the more expensive audiophile grade Audio Pendulum preamp system. They paired the UST pickup on the tip with a condenser mic mounted in the guitar by the soundhole and wired to the ring. Phantom power to the mics were supplied by the preamp. Not sure about phantom power on the sunrise but the K and K you already have should blend in real good with your Sunrise p/u. As an aside, I still have my Blender and my Rane AP-13 and updated my Thinline UST to an LR Baggs iBeam (that and the LR Baggs element endpin jacks are stereo capable) and wired my original Crown GLM 200 mic to my Larrivee Dread and it sounds great. I have an Anthem in my other guitar which is not wired for stereo but already has a mic and sounds great as well.
Good luck with your system! Regards Owen

Thanks Owen!
The saddest part about all of this is that I had a bunch of this gear! I had an old Fishman Pocket Blender and even the SPS-1. I had the Grace Design Felix too which is another nice way of blending sources.

I had sworn off putting together dual source systems a while back and I should probably give up on this project too. I'm only considering it because the K&K is already in this guitar.

I am quite happy with the Sunrise as a single source when I play live. I run it through a Sunn Audio DI-2 and I think it sounds just great.

I do a live stream each week and because of the nature of our house (kids, the dog, the doorbell, etc.) I can't use a mic on my guitar. I need to plug in. I have been using a different guitar that has the the Anthem in it and I like the direct sound I get from the Anthem on the live streams but the guitar has too narrow an nut width for me and isn't comfortable to play.

The Sunrise direct isn't very good but if I could split off the K&K I could consider an IR pedal and that might let me play the guitar I love on the live stream.'s a lot of screwing around for an hour or so a week!

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