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Thankyou all for the replies and sorry about my late response.

Looks good and if you enjoy it and plays nice then its perfect!

Yea just from the sides, it'll be more like just rounding the edges, its already fairly slim flat C profile so not concerned with the depth. Just feels like im holding a double edged sword by the blade haha.
The nut I will try to leave (I may only remove 0.5mm a side) as string spacing is kinda nice and I want mainly the bottom E string closer to the edge to do the thumb playing, but if I have to go to a smaller nut I don't see why I couldn't just fit one.

I will tackle this at some stage so will keep you posted!

Thanks for the link! Im going to just leave the frets in with a straight edge piece of wood clamped to the fretboard. 2 reasons for that, so I can set the depth at 1st and 14th fret and sand with the electric sander flat and straight to it neatly, plus also to reduce risk of frets popping out.

Adapting would mean getting finger extensions haha. I have short stumpy hands unfortunately and can't physically het my hands around it. I know what you mean though. Got a few acoustics and my main gigging guitar has my favourite neck, its a Sigma 000-R28v, 1 11/16" with a soft V, stainless jumbo frets, plays like a dream for me. So yea after knowing more about necks id like to give this a shot

Yea id also like to see that! I couldn't find a single YouTube video doing this.

None taken . Its actually a cheap guitar and I can't bring myself to sell it because I love the tone so I think its worth the experiment. Should be pretty simple to be honest, and im handy with tools and subscribe to the 6 P's (prior, planning, prevents, piss, poor, performance) only risk is frets lifting which ill have to bite the bullet and take it to my luthier to fix.

Tony Burns & Dru Edwards: ^ yea I think that covers why I wanna take the risk . No fretboard bindings to worry about either. Its literally a whisker off each side and it should make a world of difference.

Thanks all

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