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Originally Posted by Shades of Blue View Post
How many of you guys out there have truly found "the one?" I'm talking true long lasting love, would never sell, and nothing else could make you as happy as the one?

First of all, I envy you.

Only issue I have is how do you know when you've found the one?
I hear your Cries, Shades of Blue....But I beg you to look at this question from another angle....
When we hear a great fairy tale is always about the journey. The Happiness at the end is always nice, but it is the story of the Journey, that we all remember.
Yes, I have found the one. However that does not stop me from modifying, tinkering, experimenting with it, to improve it even more. That does not stop me from listening to other guitars That might change my mind.
Just like true love, sometimes the girl you thought was right for you, isn't at all. You just needed to be enlightened. I am constantly being enlightened about Guitar Tones. So I say, Who cares if you never get to the end...IT is all about the Journey!
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