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Originally Posted by Ralph124C41 View Post
I'm thinking about trying a set but I don't know the difference between the grip model and the standard embossed. Are there any other differences besides the tactile feel of the two types of picks? Also I understand there is available a sampler of Flow picks but not of the Primetones. Am I right? Also what is main difference between a Flow and a Primetone?
I hope someone can comment on your Flow vs. Primetone question. Not too familiar with the Flow, myself.

What I am finding with the Smooth vs. the Grip, is that while both picks presumably use the same plastic composition, the finish of the two picks produces different tones.

The Smooth has a softer attack and therefore creates a warmer, darker string tone. The grip, has a little harder attack and therefore creates a brighter tone.

Interestingly, I noticed if you drop either pick on a hard surface, they produce a very different sound. The Smooth has a much lower pitch/sound as it clinks on a hard surface, where as the grip has a much higher pitch/sound under the same condition. Not sure if it is the density of the pick or a different plastic compound or maybe a different finish (polished vs. matte) that affects the tone.

Anyway, I like both sounds that the warmer Smooth and brighter Grip produce hence I've ordered both.

By the way, when I find a pick that I really like, I tend to buy a large supply (100pcs or more) so I don't have to worry about finding them say 10 years from now. I keep the ones I like in a little hardware organizer...see photo below...and depending on the mood I am in, I have whatever pick that will make me happy at my fingertips.

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