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Originally Posted by Livingston View Post
I've been using the Primetone jazz (small tear drop) picks off and on for some time now. I also have the Ultex large triangle that I like.

Thanks for posting your find! I've ordered a few to try them out.
So, thanks again to the original post.

As usual, I didn't pay too close attention to the details and ordered what I thought I saw in the original post. I "found" the pick on Amazon and then on eBay at a little better price. Turns out, I ordered 2 different picks and none the exact same as the original post.

So, both were Prime Tone picks and both were triangle shape. One was a large triangle in the smooth finish; one was the small triangle in the translucent "grip" finish. Both were great! Truthfully, I like the small triangle size. Equally truthfully, I like the smooth AND the grip finishes.

So, I've (re-)ordered both finishes in the small triangle size. The smooth gives a nice, warm jazz tone; the grip gives a little brighter tone.

Thanks again for the original post, and great to add more "must-have" picks to the collection.
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