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Originally Posted by DanR View Post
I tried Primetone picks earlier this year and they won me over. I had always liked a bit of flex in my picks, especially for acoustic guitar playing. The Primetone Standard .88 has a lot less flex than I was used to but the tone I get from them is much better than what I got from my nylon .88 picks. I now use the same Primetone Standard .88 for both acoustic and electric guitar. I previously used nylon because they wear well but I haven't worn out a Primetone yet.
I got some of the .88 prime tones last week and am really liking those. I like the 1.0 a lot too.

Interesting find, Iíll have to give this prime tone shape a try. I have some Ultex 1.14 in that shape that are not my favorite, but they could really use a bevel for the edges. I think the prime tones in this shape would be great with its beveled edges.
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