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Originally Posted by Tnfiddler View Post
I was in a local music store today, killing time, when I spotted a pack of Primetone small triangle 1.4mm picks. I have .96mm TD primetones and have mixed feelings about them. I asked the store manager If I could try them out and I am highly impressed! I like them as much as my Wegen 1.2 Bluegrass picks and better than my BC TD50! I’m REALLY digging the small triangle shape too!! I do believe I may have found my new favorite pick!! The best part is 3 picks are only $8.77 with tax!!!

I think that's a great find Tnf. Recently I've started really liking the triangle shaped picks. I think I like the lateral leverage you can apply to the wider pick. I don't know. If I can name-drop, Brucebubs sent me a Zager pick all the way from Oz. It has taken some getting used to because it is so thin, but it can provide an airy quality that I don't get with my other picks. But similar your Primetone, a local store has been carrying the Dunlop Americana picks. I like the idea that the Primetones are burnished already whereas the Americana needs some beveling. I think the Primetone might be even better.

FWIW, I learned how to speed bevel via another member HH who has been MIA for the last few months. I probably don't have the dexterity of Silly Moustache, so I use a more manual approach to beveling. I may have to post it for those of us who fear losing a finger with the Dremel tool :0. Also, another thing I've taken to doing with many of my smoother picks is scoring them for grip. Light diagonal slits across the face of the pick with a box knife really helps hold on with less grip strength.

I'll be on the Sweetwater site to order some Primetones as soon as I finish this up. Thanks for sharing.

Here are pics of the Dunlop Americana and the Zager.
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