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Originally Posted by Vancebo View Post
Try working out a pentatonic scale in E. The notes would be E,G,A,B,D. If you wanted the Blues note sneak a B flat in there between the A and B.

Come up with a riff that uses those notes.

It would be useful to lay down a 12 bar loop using the blues progression to help guide you in the creating process for your riff. It just keeps you on track.

Now, I am just a hack but that's maybe a possible start.

Another idea is learn someone else's riff to get you going.
Hello All,

Thanks everyone for all your input. I didn't phrase my question very well, and I appreciate all of you trying to read my mind here. But Vancebo here comes closest to my solution. As long as I stay in a minor mode then all of these notes work for the E, A, B chords. So let's say I want to lay down a base phrase for 2 bars, all I need to do is stay on the open E,A,D strings. On top of that I can lay down some simple rhythm in any of those minor chords if I leave out C note in the Am chord or the F note in the Bm chord etc. I haven't tried it yet, but will soon and report back.

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