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Default Looper Station Riffs

Hello All,

This is my first posting to this forum. I've lurked for awhile and I like it here.

I've been messing with a looper station for a bit and I wanted to start a discussion about laying down riffs to play over. I haven't had much success with it accept when I do an open D tuning or something like that, and even then it's been a little marginal.

But lets give an example here and get some comments. Let's just take a simple 12 bar blues in E. So I start off with simple riff in an E chord. Next comes an A chord, but when I try to play the A over the E chord riff it doesn't sound so hot. So what I'm looking for is a simple base line that I can play into the looper that will sound good with an E, A, B chord progression. Am I just way off base here? I watch others on youtube putting in little riffs and playing over them, but I'm having a hard time understanding theory behind what they are doing that makes it all harmonize. So far it's just trial and error, with heavy emphasis on the error.

Thanks in Advance,
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