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Originally Posted by Nymuso View Post
ÖAt home I just get the A from my tuning fork and off I go. However, in a noisy venue when you need to tune before going on, the electronic tuner is absolutely what you want - unless you prefer to go outside by the dumpster like we did back in the day.

This tuning fork ďAĒ method, which was all we had back in the day besides a Ďpitch-pipe,í was recently described by Tony Rice in his biography as his approach, and thereís no argument here. Iíve rediscovered its merits after reading this! Sharpens the ear and sweetens the current chord pattern. Itís great in a quiet place with one person! He also pokes fun, to put it charitably, at those of us who use electronic tuners.
But as you said, in a noisy venue an electronic tuner is quite useful. Also, any Ďtune by earí method requires an excellent ear for such, and not all musicians qualify. In my first 2 decades playing music it was not easy for me, nor accurate. Any theoretical benefits of using the tuning fork method were overwhelmed by human inaccuracies.
Getting a bunch of strings in tune on a bandís various instruments benefits from an objective, non-human standard also.
I used to listen to live concert tapes a bit, and Iíve seen a few shows over the years. The biggest musical improvement Iíve heard in live sound, far above line-array speakers and modern PA equipment, happened when electronic tuners took over.
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