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Originally Posted by Tadmcd View Post
i've watched/read stuff about muting (palm and fretting hand) and i'm just not "getting" it. i mean, i get the concept, but i'm not able to consistently mute and i'm not sure why.

any tips/techniques to make this stuff more understandable and repeatable for the rookie?

If you are watching these videos and it's not making sense, you might need to hire a teacher, preferably in-person.

We all have different styles of learning. Yours may not be served well by video.

I wasn't able to get muting mastered until I played electric guitar. So much less hand strength is required, so you can more easily focus on muting techniques.

The only general muting suggestion I have is to practice scales or chord patterns with muting. Try to let the note come out with the barest amount of sustain. Aim for consistency with every note (do not let some notes ring out).

Once you get a 'feel' for muting, your muscle memory will kick in.

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