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Actually, the fret wire IS pre-bent at a radius slightly tighter than the fretboard. When I lay the wire across the board, the middle of the curve is more than1/32" higher than the board, depending on where on the board I lay it. The wider the board, the higher the wire is above it.

The fret slots are plenty deep...way more than 1/16" of dead air below the tang.

Wish I knew how to post photos...would be easier than trying to explain verbally.

Charles, what you say about seating the ends of the curved fret is perfectly logical to me, so it's a mystery why they don't stay put.

Before I toss the whole thing, I'll try holding the ends down and using CA glue. If course, I don't have enough wire left to finish, so will have to order more. No suppliers in my area.
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