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Default Trimming the Rims and Establishing a Wedge

This is Mark’s rim trimming set up. Note the X and Y axis arched guides used to establish a dish with his router. Like on his top/side junction where he uses a 47’ radius on the rims with a 30’ dish radius on the top; he uses larger 18’ radius on his rims than what he dishes his back to (12’ radius). My Bristlecone is getting a 1” Manzer wedge for enhanced playing comfort; so the low E string side of the lower bout is only 3-1/2” deep and the high E string side is 4-1/2” deep. He marks target depths on the rims for the wedge and elevates the guitar from beneath on his work-board to establish the angle relative to the router to create the wedge.

A bunch of nice archtops, flattops, a gypsy & nylon strings…
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