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Originally Posted by Captain Jim View Post
On the bright side, the tracking has been restored, stating that the package was checked into the local Post Office at 6:20 this morning, and "Expected Delivery on Tuesday, October 9th."

No, they don't deliver to our house here on this island, and there are no parcel package lockers big enough for a guitar at our centrally located boxes... so, I'll just wait to see if they leave the box at our Activity Office (sometimes they do that), or take it back to the Post Office where I won't be able to pick it up until tomorrow.

Yeah, they're all messing with me.
FWIW, when my X20 came last month, I never got an "out for delivery" on the tracking system either. Just something similar to your "expected delivery" thing. And it ended up showing up that day pretty early. So you're probably golden in terms of that. But the situation with no mail delivery to your island, I can't give you any comfort on that one...

I do know that within a few days you'll have forgotten all about the waiting...