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Originally Posted by The Bard Rocks View Post
Katalox - sound like a breakfast cereal or something. Maybe a medicine. But having seen some figured plum-colored sets and heard them ring, it is one of the woods on my radar. But it's not light. However, I have a strong back.
Katalox is an odd name. It's also called Mexican Royal Ebony however, it's not Ebony so to me the name sounds like it's trying to pass for something it's not.
I don't use that name because I believe Katalox has got nothing to apologize for. It's harder and less porous than most ebonies and it's ring tone puts them to shame. There were some guitar manufacturers that offered Katalox as an Ebony substitute in their sustainable woods offerings and it's reputation seemed to take a hit in some quarters leaving some people with the impression that it was something less than Ebony. Imagine that
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