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Originally Posted by The Bard Rocks View Post
Well, my Josie made it home but way too late to get in any significant play time tonight. Played just enough to impress my wife. Tomorrow, the real trial begins and that will take a while, a FUN while. Right now it seems I got exactly what I asked Mark for. It always amazes me how a skilled and talented person can actually do that with the remains of a tree.
Thanks Roland! It was great to have you out and to see you try on your new guitar for the first time!

Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
Congrats Roland on this beauty....Mark works his magic again.
Thanks ukejon!

Originally Posted by Diamondave View Post
The word stunning isn't even bold enough..!
Thanks Diamondave, and thank you for commenting.

Originally Posted by jessupe View Post
Beautiful work!
Thank you jessupe. I had a lot of help from beautiful materials and a client who was fun to work with!

Originally Posted by emmsone View Post
You've got another winner here Mark! I'm loving that top

Thanks David!
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