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Originally Posted by IBKuz View Post
Mark, hopefully this will just be a quick question for you. This top is quite different visually then most Sitka material in a couple different ways (very beautiful as others have noted). Does this make you change how you process/build the top? Is it harder (or easier) to work with? Great work as usual, always interesting to see what comes out of your shop.
Thanks Ian,

Yes, this top is different in several ways than your usual Sitka and it's also different from the usual bear claw. I have a set of steps I go through when voicing a top, the steps don't change but, how much I cut and how much I leave depends on the materials and goals. Any top has a given potential which could be a variety of things like the potential for a lot of overtones or a potential to be very strong in the fundamentals. Ideally, the potentials are aligned with the sound goals you are after. When voicing you are optimizing whatever you have to start with toward that final goal.

Hope that makes sense!
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