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Originally Posted by The Bard Rocks View Post
Cigarfan, if you want to see my face when I get it, you'd best start driving now. I leave this area around 11 tomorrow and can give you a ride for the last 3 hours of the way.

But I have a pretty good idea already of what it looks like. I think the playability and sound will be what surprises me if anything does. Mark does such a good job with the photos that we don't have to imagine much, other than how it sounds and how it plays - and, based upon others of his that I have played, I think both of these can only surprise me in one way - very pleasantly.
Thanks Roland,

I felt you were pretty clear on what you were looking for in the sound of this guitar so I'm hoping there aren't too many surprises!

Originally Posted by Zandit75 View Post
I love how quietly Mark comes in, drops a bunch of photos as though it's nothing, then quietly accepts the praise that is heaped on him!

Me? I'd come in with trumpets blaring "Check out This!!!!" then boom!! *Mic Drops* walks out with one hell of a strut!!!

I've run out of words to say Mark, yet another beautiful guitar!
Thanks Zandit75! It's a tough path to walk for me when talking about my own work. If I come off too enthusiastic it sounds like a cheap sales pitch but, the fact is I love building guitars and sometimes when things come out better than I thought or when a new idea has unexpected benefits I do feel like shouting from the mountain tops.
On the other hand if I'm too quiet about it I may come across as apathetic or worse yet smug. The fact is most often clients want their builder to share their excitment about their new build.
So I just try to be genuine. I don't say I'm excited about something I'm not excited about and I try not to overstate it.

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Well this sounds cliche, but you have truly outdone yourself on this one Mark. This guitar is just a stunning piece of art and it will sing like angels I am sure of that. I am so glad for having played even a small part in helping to get this project underway as it turned into a masterpiece beyond words. Although you did not build this part, I will give you credit for finding it, but the bearclaw figure in the upper bouts that projects at 90 degree angles to the fret board in a linear fashion is just mesmerizing to look at. That is very unique. Maybe I have seen it before, but I think not.

Congrats to both of you, but really to you Mark on your artistry.
Thanks Tom! When Roland was coming out to the studio to meet I was going through my tops to select a few for him to choose from. We had already landed on the Padauk. When I pulled this top and set it next to the Padauk I thought it was the obvious choice. Problem was Sitka wasn't even on the list of Roland's choices and Sitka's general sound characteristics aren't what Roland was looking for. I could tell by the density, stiffness, and tap tone however that once again general species characteristics don't really have much to do with the individual piece you have in hand. I knew this top would deliver. So I had the tops pulled and was going through them with Roland. When we got to this top Roland, without hesitation went for it and I thought, "Great! We're on the same page".

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Looks fantastic, Mark.

That sitka is really amazing as well with the red coloring it has!

the padauk--WOW!!!
Thanks Nemoman!
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