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Default What's Cooking?

I haven't posted in a little while. I've been hard at work developing a new technique and new designs for this latest spec guitar I'm working on. This will be my Penelope model 12 fret guitar with Olivewood back and sides. The whole shop smells like an Italian restaurant as soon as this Olivewood touches sandpaper.

I'll do a separate build thread on this guitar because there are so many new elements but, here is a preview of what I am developing/learning/practicing to create the Olive wreath rosette. I am doing an inlay/marquetry hybrid technique. The colors of the wreath consists of natural woods; Yellowheart, Argentinian Verawood, and Peruvian walnut.

When I titled this post "What's Cooking" I wasn't kidding. This is how I shade the edges of the cut out olives to make them look rounded. I cook them in a pan of sand;

The wreath is set right into the Alpine Italian Spruce;

Thanks for viewing!
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