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Originally Posted by polarred21 View Post
All beginner level for me and have looked at a few shops the last couple of weeks. Budget is $250 to $350 range for bass and amp. I'm going to transition my lessons from acoustic to bass since my instructor plays bass in a band.
You could do MUCH better on the used market. A nice Squier VM or CV P or J bass can be had for $200 easy. A used Ampeg B112 would run $150-200. This would be a great practice set up. For your budget you won't get a gig-able rig (although I've used the Ampeg for acoustic singer/songwriter type gigs). As to what others say about minimum watts, minimum speaker size, etc ... well, I do MANY gigs with a micro sized GK MB200 to a GB STL-8 8" cab ... my "mini rig of doom". For my country band I use a GB Shuttle 6.0 to one or two STL-12 cabs. If I need more than that I go for FOH support.

But that's not your concern right now. Buying used at the right price means you can resell the gear for what you paid. Buying new means you'll lose 50% before you leave the shop.
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