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Originally Posted by justonwo View Post
I meant that in a positive way. They have a pretty broad presence and Michael takes the trouble to really shine a spotlight on everything that comes in the door. They keep their Facebook content fresh. Michael makes a lot of appearances at guitar shows, and he keeps a close relationship with his builders. That's what I mean by "aggressive." I didn't mean like a used car salesman, so I hope it didnt' come across that way. I'm actually very impressed by how they market guitars and think they do a great job.

I've always imagined that they are in a very expensive neighborhood. Now I know!
I live way up north east, on the other side of the tracks and it's incredibly expensive round here ! All London property prices are just off the scale.
I may have to go there some day,(I've never seen a Froggy Bottom).
I think Michael sets the standard for how to dress higher than I'm used to, so probably ditch my zippy leather biker jkt and go as preppie as I can muster....
I am just afraid that a visit there might end up expensive for ME !

EDIT: Mmmmm... maybe if I buy 20 quid's worth of shares I'll get a huge discount on the goodies ?!

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