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The 000-18GE has always been and will forever be the one. From the moment I played one at Dusty Strings, I knew that I would have one. Two years ago, I finally was able to make the acquisition from Jon at My Favorite Guitars and it has been everything that I thought it would be and brought me so much joy. Long story short, I acquired the funds as a result of my Dad passing and he instilled my love of making music and that sentimentality definitely adds to story of this guitar in my life.

But all that said, this is the perfect guitar for me. I play americana, blues, bluegrass, etc. and usually use a thumb pick. The 000-18GE is perfect for this style. Play-ability is amazing, it is unbelievably loud, and packs a punch that brings a smile to my face. Add to that it is the most beautiful body style with an amazing sunburst, and I couldn't ask for anything more.
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