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Originally Posted by A027298 View Post
So I pulled another low E from a second set of sunbeams that I had and this time I tried not cutting the string first, but instead I fed the string through the tuner then pulled it back to where I would get the correct amount of wraps on the post, then tuned it up and cut the excess off. Sounded great.
Originally Posted by A027298 View Post
So I start playing and notice some black specs on the high E and B strings. I slide my fingers over them and you can feel them. Like little bumps. I tried picking them off but they were on there pretty good. I'm sending the strings back to Mike at Strings and Beyond so he can take a look at them. At this point I don't know what to think. The first set I ever bought were fine and I really liked the tone on my guitar, but since then I've had nothing but trouble. Anyone else had similar problems or just me? Tom
First I would say that you're not following instructions is not DR's fault. You need to install round core strings per the instructions and with the care stated in the instructions. I've noticed that all brands of round core strings can take some hours sitting on the guitar at tension until the strings seem balanced. My guess is because the windings more over the core easily.

Second would be a suggestion to contact DR. I had a set of Rare that had a dud string (was put on correctly) and they shipped a replacement right away.

Good luck.

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