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Originally Posted by CASD57 View Post
I did a search but when you include "Budget" well you get lost in a thousand threads..
Ok..Got the Zoom R8 for Xmas.. Looking for a Budget mic for recording
My idea of Budget mic around $100 +/-
I've got these:
Sennheiser E945
Blue Core 100
Shure SM57
Alto DVM5
beyerdynamic TG-V30d
Samson Q-Mic

But I understand a large Condenser mic would be better...
GC has an MXL V250 on sale ?
For a first LD condenser in your price range I recommend 3U Audio CM1, either the Teal or the Black. You can find a lot more about them over at the Gearslutz forum.

All of the AT mics I have ever tried have been excellent for their price ranges, so it's hard to go wrong with AT.

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