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Default More Layout tools

Originally Posted by Bone0305 View Post
Loving everything about this thread! Very inspiring!
Thanks Bone0305. I'm glad you find it inspiring!

One issue I have with the Woodpecker straight edge is that because it is made of aluminum it won't work as a guide to drag a razor down when slicing veneer for purfling etc. The straightedge's metal is too soft and will be damaged. I still have my steel one but it is also only two feet long and top purfling is usually cut in 32" lengths. Also dragging a razor on a straightedge doesn't always work as well as planned.

So I just ordered this Gramercy veneer saw:

If you look closely at the saw teeth you see they are angled in two different directions from one side to the other. The idea is if you are cutting thin veneer you can slice it off with the less aggressive side. If you are cutting thick veneer you can go to the more aggressive side.

Ideally I'll be able to cut thick veneers that I wouldn't even attempt with a razor and straightedge. I'll need to assign a straight board as a guide but this opens some new opportunities I can use with purfling lines.

I should have it on Friday and I'll have the weekend to play with it!
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