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Originally Posted by Naboz View Post
Once again I visit one of your posts, and have to say; you are a sculptor who makes guitars!
And your aesthetic for design is very refined, from the build particulars to the organic details of your inlays.
Maybe one day I will get to play one of your lovelies (we don't make it out to that Eastern edge much).
I also applaud you for your informative, instructional build posts--being an Art Instructor for 30+ years.
I'm watching this one through!
Thank you Naboz, I am very passionate about guitar building on many levels.
I take a very qualitative approach to lutherie which requires a lot of human involvement. My relationships and interactions with my customers, the guitar community, my fellow builders, my students and suppliers are all crucial elements for me to do what I do.
Thanks you for your kind words!
Mark Hatcher

“We learn who we are in practice, not theory”
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