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Originally Posted by srick View Post
Mark - I really enjoyed the vignette about measuring your shavings and adjusting with the brass hammer. This could become a great magazine article (in all of your spare time ).

Thanks Rick, measuring the shavings is a great way to get accurate control. We donít have that option with powered machinery that turn everything into dust.

Iím writing an article for the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkersí annual Journal magazine. Iím referring back to the material Iíve previously written here in AGF which makes it pretty easy.

Originally Posted by JDaniel View Post
Thanks, Mark. This is great! Lie-Nielsen came to the local lumberyard in autumn 2019 to display tools and demonstrate/teach. Very nice people every bit as excellent as the tools. Love your technique of measuring the shavings for blade adjustment.
That is my impression of the folks at Lie-Nielsen too. In healthier times they go on tour to show and teach about woodworking and donít charge entrance fees. What I particularly like is they invite other smaller toolmakers to show also.

Originally Posted by Archaic Guitars View Post
I have never even thought of adjusting a modern plane with a hammer, and always thought it was a technique for Krenov style planes, but this makes total sense! The lateral adjustment on most planes just arenít sensitive enough for dialing into 0.001Ē or differences. Thanks, Mark, for sharing glimpses into your knowledge and skill on these subjects!

Now Iím gonna go spend some time with my #4, a mallet, and some calipers.
Great! Iím glad you found some inspiration in that!
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