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Default How do you Replace a Band Saw?

It's likely you have a coping saw kicking around somewhere but, you're not sure where because you hate using that crappy tool you or your dad got from Sears a long time ago. The level of disdain only gets so high before the tool is banished to rust on a nail in the basement. Coping saws sell a lot of band saws!
Well this ain't your daddy's coping saw!

It has an adjustable tension cam for easy blade changes and tightening up the blade. You can also throw the cam and rotate the blade in place so you can cut much deeper like when your cutting the waist of a guitar top.
With the lightweight rigid frame you can get those blades really tight so the blades don't wonder, chatter, and break when cutting.
I put a custom mesquite handle on it that puts weight where you want it and I now have a coping saw that I think of using first before the band saw.

Once I got hooked on this I went with their fret saw that does cuts you can't do with band saws like these sound ports:

This fret saw has a titanium birdcage frame and weighs nothing except for the big heavier Mesquite handle I got for it. I'm willing to take on much more complicated sound ports because of these.

There will be more coming up on this one further into the build.
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