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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
That's one of the big challenges with any massaging of solo guitar. It's often the same issue with edits. You think you're splicing between two notes, but some other note that's ringing out in either the original and/or the edit makes the edit obvious. Sometimes these techniques work, sometimes they don't... You get away with a lot more in a band mix, but naked solo guitar, it's hard to hide all the evidence of manipulation of any kind.
Interesting,, it does make sense that any even slight volume changes would be noticeable in a solo instrument recording. And it is true that sometimes very slight changes even of a db, maybe less, can be noticed sometimes be detected depending on the situation.

So I am wondering if there might not be two more contributing factors (or simply stated another way) to this idea of being more noticeable in a solo recording concept.
#1 That in a solo recording that the listener would naturally be more focused on the specific nuance's in the technique of the player. Given that is what really makes of breaks the solo performance. As opposed to say the listeners focus being split on a song with a guitar and vocal and being focused as much or more on the meaning of the lyrics..... Or say in multi instrumental, on the overall feel of the combination, or the sum of the parts, as opposed to the individual parts ?

#2 The fact that often we all, as the artists/recordists, tend notice very slight performance mistakes or anomalies, that may go overlooked by the listing audience even in a solo ?
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