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I'm just about finished up with the woodwork on the body for this one after a lengthy binding process -- a flush cutaway and arm-bevel definitely make for some tricky work at points! One of the reasons the cutaway takes longer than normal is that due to the twist in the sides (to meet the angled taper of the neck) I have to cut the binding and purfling channels by hand. Luckily I have a handy little gramil tool to help get the job done...

In order to get all the strips fitting well and clean miters it's easiest to glue up in sections. Here's the back purfling on the cutaway being glued...

And the cutaway mostly cleaned up...

Similarly the arm bevel gets glued up one section at a time and pushpins can be a savior for this section!

To veneer the arm bevel I put a layer of along the surface, trim it flush, peel it off and voila! Instant template for the veneer...

And now that things are mostly cleaned up, here's a look at the magnetic pickup cover in action...

There are two magnets hidden under the surface of the sides so that when you pull the cover off it has somewhere to be held in place...

The one potential downside of this is the inability to use a strap but I think it could be easily remedied with a sleeve that threaded onto the end of the pickup and bumped out a bit wider to allow a cable to fit through. More research and experimenting necessary but I'm incredibly pleased with how it turned out!
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