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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
The hardest thing is the melody.

The second hardest thing is writing the "glue" between your A section, your B sections and the C sections (if used).

Lately I've just been finding a note, sometimes with a lead in, that just sort of resolves or suggests the resolution to the first note of the following section.

Every tune is different so studying my favorite tunes isn't a lock in for solutions, but I guess going back to take a look at what others do isn't a bad idea.

What do you?
Hi Barry,
The second hardest thing for ME to do is listen to quick recordings of whatever I'm working on, and I know instantly if I'm blowing smoke up my keister, or if I'm onto to something.

If I'm NOT onto something, I delete it or forget about, with no remorse.

Of course that means that the first part wasn't considered enough.

Just because something is catchy doesn't mean it's good, or worthy of building a frame for so you can hang it on the wall to say "Look what I made".

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