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Originally Posted by BoneDigger View Post
I didn't mention it, but I already own a Monoprice like the one you listed. I never really though of it as a clean amp though. Interesting thoughts!
Since you already have the Monoprice, pop for the Cannabis Rex (a very popular mod regardless of style) and some top-shelf tubes - I'm using these in my Bugera V22 (BTW your amp takes the same complement) and they've served me well for the last 10+ years with no signs of quitting:

The power tubes in particular are stronger-sounding than the factory stuff - FYI they're pre-Glasnost Soviet mil-spec (equivalent to the JAN tubes the Fender guys would kill for), and in my application sound more like a big-bottle (6L6, 7027, 6CA7) American tube - and the speaker has an efficiency rating of ~102dB which, in addition to the rounder, mellower tone, offers additional clean headroom since the power tubes aren't working as hard to produce a given volume level...
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