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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
The hardest thing is the melody.

The second hardest thing is writing the "glue" between your A section, your B sections and the C sections (if used).

Lately I've just been finding a note, sometimes with a lead in, that just sort of resolves or suggests the resolution to the first note of the following section.

Every tune is different so studying my favorite tunes isn't a lock in for solutions, but I guess going back to take a look at what others do isn't a bad idea.

What do you?
Hi Barry
If you think A=Verse, B=Refrain, C=Bridge, then how do you think of the Introduction, 1st/2nd endings, and endings/codas?

I tend to just use words (like intro, verse, chorus, bridge, ending). This is especially true if I'm playing with others in a backing instrumental role.

As to your topic…I don't find it difficult to transition/write between sections, and actually try different musical 'tricks' (sometimes deliberately less smoothly) to draw attention to them. I think of bridges as a place to wake the mind of the listener.

I tend to write chorus sections which flow right out of the verse, and chorus sections, though they often vary slightly in tempo (slightly) or meter (duplet to triplet etc) accents, and volume.

Bridges are fun for me to write because it's like adding spices to my cooking. Make it more punchy, or deeper flavored. I love contrast…change from choppy to smooth (or vice versa), take it to the high register versus first 6 frets, strummed versus fingerstyled, or add a harmony to the melody etc.

I have written bridges in the minor 5th of the original key, and then finished the bridge with the major V chord of the original, and dropped right back into the original melody in the original key.

There are just so many great transitions 'out-there'…

Have fun storming' the castle!!

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