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Originally Posted by IBKuz View Post
Mike, Itís always a pleasure to view your informative posts with all the technical info. The fact they have beautiful woods and design elements is just icing on the cake. Looking forward to the final reveal 😎
Thanks! Balancing the technical and aesthetic sides of things has been driving influence throughout my life and building guitars sure offers ample opportunity to work at it!

Originally Posted by virob View Post
Slick end graft cover idea and implement! Guitar is looking great. You always seem to be trying something different which makes it fun to follow.
Thanks! The challenge (and often stress) of trying new things is definitely a big part of building for me. I had my reward at the end of the day yesterday when I spent probably 5 minutes just flipping the cover off and on -- very very satisfying!

Originally Posted by Jamiejoon View Post
That end graft turned out terrific. Very nice!

I decided I should hold off until the binding is on before showing the final end-graft in action so it will be a couple more days wait. So, time to rout the binding channels. Usually I try to take my time but sometimes you just have to cut corners...

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