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I have a friend who gets around the guitar pretty agilely. Years ago, he sawed off the last 3/8" or so of his LH forefinger. After that, as you might expect, he stopped playing for a while, missed it, and went back to it and deals pretty well with this handicap. That's to give you encouragement. And of course there is Django Reinhart who completely lost (as I recall) 2 out of 5 fingers on the left hand.

The 1 3/4-1 13/16" nut should be a big help to you. I'd try some out beforehand if you can. 1 3/4 is a lot easier to find than 1 13/16", but they're out there too. When you go to try out guitars, take something to measure the nut with - and also bring the one you have so you can both feel and hear the difference. Direct comparisons are very useful.
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